cache Flow

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The pic // the quat

The cache is stuck

Let your search descend

Confusing name

Handshake began


Long tails

Exploration brevity

Heavens fall down

Walk beside the levity


River slidin’

Mallard’s beak

GRC residin’

Binoculars sleek


Bones abound

Let your search extend

Excavation observation

Adventurers descend

On the spot marked for it

An historic beginning

Explorers take the plunge

 Reach the underpinning

Cache Flow.jpg

Opened 7/24/20  Found 8-8-20


 How to 

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Use the Quat

to discover the public park where the cache is hidden

Use the picture

to find the location of the hidden cache

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Be the first

to find the cache. Fill out "I WON" and collect your glory and $ 

What and Where

Solve: Falls of the Ohio State Park, Clarksville OH

The Brooks family found the cache underneath the rock and statue, commemorating the beginning of Lewis & Clark Expedition. George Rogers Clark had a house nearby. There is a fossil discovery area and paths down to the river in the low season.

$50 and entry

to Hall of Game