How does this work?

A. Check out our explainer video, but in short figure out what public park or space is described in the Quat, go there and use the Pic to locate the cache!

What if I think a Cache is missing?

A. Although we won’t respond to every email we definitely want to know when a Cache has been found or is missing. Feel free to email us @ theCacheGame@gmail.com with details and pictures of where you think the Cache should be and when you were there. 


What happens after a hunt is found?

A. We'll always be posting more (mostly near weekends) if you're the finder, fill out the "I WON" form

What if I purchase an Extra Hunt but it’s found right afterwards?

A. We’ll give you a voucher for another Extra Hunt of your choice. Usually this will happen automatically through email, but if it doesn’t, just let us know through email - theCacheGame@gmail.com


What’s a Quat?

A. Short for Quatrain, a 4 line verse with alternate rhyming scheme. But really just a inside name for our riddles.


How do you make money?

A. At present members paying for the Extra Hunts are the only thing we charge for. It doesn’t pay the bills, but we think the Cache Game is a good enough idea, that it will eventually be profitable :) 

What does "Coming Soon" or "Up Next" mean?

A. It means they are the next hunts to go active, usually within 2 weeks. We only have 1 free hunt at a time Active, but there are 2-4 Extra Hunts every month so there could be up to 3 of those Active.