Historical Homophone

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Historical Homophone.jpg

The pic // the quat

This pirate’s booty

came at a cost

At calvary’s hill

the treasure lost


Enemy advance was parried

Grey repulsed by phage

The barriers here

play centerstage


Middle Ground

Better call the chaplain

Monuments linear

By the grove be grapplin’

SOLVE: Perryville Battlefield Historical Site 

Homophone references - Cavalry, Parry, the Chaplain River

The cache was hidden in a nook in a fence by a patch of trees

 How to 

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Use the Quat

to discover the public park where the cache is hidden

Use the picture

to find the location of the hidden cache

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Be the first

to find the cache. Fill out "I WON" and collect your glory and $ 

What & Where

$200 Prize to the Winner


the Hall of Game

Found 8-8-20