One man's Cache

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One Man's Cache.jpg

The pic // the quat

For this pretty park

You’ll look for a triangle

With stitches on one edge

Among tentacles tangled


The Flowers gardening upkeep

Got a famous English Cousin

Park recreation 48

Hoppin over shrubbin


Through the leaves

Public Ivy

Mulch and bench

Fountain timely

Remember all of these hunts can be solved and found by a 12 year old or 70 year old. No tools needed. And no danger involved in searching for it. Follow all the terms!

 How to 

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Use the Quat

to discover the public park where the cache is hidden

Use the picture

to find the location of the hidden cache

Be the first

to find the cache. Fill out "I WON" and collect your glory and $ 

What & Where

$200 Prize to the Winner


the Hall of Game

Opened 8/7/20


Found 8/9/20