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Pop Culture Cache

Pop Culture Cache.jpg

The pic // the quat

Pack a picnic

A go between

Where cookies are made


Home to a Buckeye great

The place of the copper key

By Paisley Park

Hone in on the tree


Truth in all directions

Duo court plays

Glass funnel shape

At the base the tin stays



Douglass Park- Middletown, OH

Middletown Oh

the inbetween

Hillbilly-elegy author 

from Middletown OH

so is Chris Carter

Paisley Park, Prince's

former compound in Minnesota

which is the street Douglass Park is off of 

Also bordered by Verity Ave (truth both ways)


(Glass)= Douglass Park

The cache was tucked inside a hole at the base 

of the tree (where Keebler Elves make cookies :)

 How to 

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Use the verse

to discover the public park where the cache is hidden

Use the picture

to find the location of the hidden cache

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Be the first

to find the cache. Fill out "I WON" and collect your glory and $ 

Where & What 

to search


to the


A small circular or altoid tin