& conditions


​By accessing this site you are participating in the hunt and agree to the terms & conditions below

  1. No destruction of private or public property in search of the treasure

  2. No posting or sharing of the Pic or Quat on social media, unauthorized websites, or anywhere else without written permission from Joel Hunt inc. 

  3. No sharing of purchased (Extra Hunts) hunts or accounts with anyone that includes posting, emailing, etc.

  4. All Hunts will remain active until a find is registered, or until Joel Hunt inc. deems necessary to end. 

  5. All hunt finds must be reported within 24 hours of the find or the prize money and recognition will be forfeited. This helps ensure that the community of hunters is always looking for active hunts. 

  6. Any caches found that have not yet become active hunts will be rewarded with a $25 prize regardless of what prize the future hunt was going to be valued. 

  7. Any cache found accidentally or from an Extra hunt without the finder having purchased the hunt will be rewarded with a $25 prize.

  8. No employees or immediate family members of Joel Hunt inc. may win a hunt or collect any prize from the Cache Game.

  9. “New Winners Only” hunts are to encourage new participants. If you have won any hunts, paid or free, please do not take part in these hunts.

  10. Any media sent to the cache game is their property and can be used for promotional purposes 


*Violation of any of these terms & conditions can result in forfeiture of prize, purchases or membership and removal from the Hall of Game